There are a number of root causes that can contribute to hair loss. For many women and men, a key factor is unhealthy scalp conditions. When you have problems with your skin, it can impede the follicles from doing their job. That’s what makes the field of trichology—a branch of dermatology that emphasizes scalp care—so important. We are proud to offer some scalp therapy products here in Hamilton Township, all backed by our understanding of trichology.

Trichology and scalp treatments come in many forms and include both oral and topical supplements. Focusing on natural ingredients, they offer a holistic way to deal with an unhealthy scalp and to clear the way for healthy new growth.

At Images of Princeton, we provide scalp care and trichology treatments from some of the world’s most forward-thinking hair labs. In particular, note the Capilia Head First protocol, one of the most highly regarded trichology lines in the world. We are pleased to be a local provider of Head First, and can advise our clients on whether it’s the right approach for them.

Don’t let scalp problems curb your healthy hair growth. Through trichology, you can move toward the full, natural head of hair you want.