For many of our clients, the focus is on replacing lost hair. In some cases, it’s actually possible to regrow the hair on the scalp. This is especially true for men and women whose hair loss is just starting out. At Images of Princeton, we offer a wide range of hair regrowth solutions, including trichology and scalp treatments as well as laser hair growth therapy.

Maybe you’ve never heard the term trichology before; essentially, this is the field of dermatology that pertains to the scalp and the follicles. Often, hair loss stems from unhealthy scalp conditions, including skin problems that clog the follicles and impede proper hair growth. Through an emphasis on scalp care, we can clear up those conditions and restore your follicles to their normal productivity.

Our scalp care and trichology treatments include a number of all-natural supplements and topical solutions from some of the most innovative and scientifically validated hair labs in the world. Our team can help you determine exactly which products will meet your needs.

Additionally, Images of Princeton provides clients with access to laser hair therapies. This is an FDA-approved and clinically proven way to stimulate new hair growth. Here’s how it works: Low levels of laser light are applied to the scalp, and over the course of several treatments, this can stimulate new blood flow to dormant follicles. For many clients, the result is new, healthy, natural hair growth. Laser hair therapy is a safe and painless option, and our team can provide a number of convenient ways for getting the treatments you need.

Many clients come to us curious about hair replacement; make sure you don’t overlook the potential for hair restoration! Whether through scalp treatments, laser therapy, or a combination of the two, you can achieve new, natural growth on your scalp. We’d love to tell you more about the solutions available to you, and to help you identify the hair regrowth option that’s right for you.

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At Images of Princeton Hair Restoration in NJ, we help men and women take control over hair loss. Our discreet hair studios are a place where you’ll find real answers and options that inspire action. Each member of our consulting team has gone through hair loss and knows firsthand how hard it is to find a solution. We keep things casual and friendly, and we stick to the facts to find the option that fits how you want to deal with your hair. Stop feeling stuck with your hair loss. Schedule a FREE professional consultation at Images of Princeton today.


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  • Thank you for all that you have done for me to help me through my journey! You and your team did a fabulous job with the wig and services. I am sure you are extremely proud of their talent. It definitely shows what a great team you are and the friendships you have built together.

    I am very happy with the wig and my family and friends cannot believe how it looks like my real hair. Thanks so much for the happiness that you have brought me.

    — C.F.

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