How to Take Care of Color Treated Hair
05 / 03 / 22

How to Take Care of Color Treated Hair

The main thing to remember when taking care of your color treated hair, is to keep it well-conditioned. Most types of hair coloring make our hair more permeable, which causes it to soak up and excrete moisture more easily. This means that your hair will gradually, imperceptibly, be losing a bit of its color molecules every time it gets wet. So the tips that follow are about keeping your hair as moisturized as possible. These tips equally apply to people who suffer from hair loss due to dry hair and a dry scalp.

  1. Shampoo your hair less often. This will help your hair to retain its natural oil. Experts recommend that you wash color treated hair 2-3 times per week, and at the very most, make sure you are not washing it more than every other day. On the in-between days, make sure to spray your hair with dry shampoo, at the roots, to keep it looking healthy and well-styled.
  2. After getting your hair colored, make sure to wait at least 2 days (48 hours) before shampooing. It can take some time for the color to soak into your hair, to be fully absorbed and retain its hold- so if you wash it prematurely you are risking a lot of your hair color and money to be literally going down the drain! Give it plenty of time to set, and you are setting yourself up for success.
  3. On the days you don't shampoo, which will be more often than not (as seen above), do your best to keep your hair dry in the shower.
  4. Do not use cheap products on color treated hair. We have a wide selection of products to choose from to style your hair in a safe and healthy way. Hair is much more vulnerable, sensitive, and finicky when it is colored, and it is important to use quality products. Shampoo and conditioner specially made to protect color treated hair is also recommended.
  5. Avoid chlorine on color treated hair. Whether your hair is colored, or thinning, or both- try to avoid chlorine as much as possible. If you love swimming, then do your best to wash your hair with cold water when you get home, as this washes out the chlorine in the most effective way. After rinsing with cold water, do your usual shampoo and conditioning routine. It is also beneficial to use products that protect your hair from the UV rays of the sun. Most leave-in conditioners, hair products, and even some pomades contain UV protectors.
  6. If your colored treated hair is frizzy and/or has split ends, the best solution is to get your hair trimmed as often as possible. Frequent haircuts, even just quick trims, revivify your hair by cutting off the dried up, damaged split ends, and enabling your hair to keep growing more abundantly.
  7. As dry hair is more susceptible to damage, blow dry your hair as infrequently as possible and try to avoid styling tools that involve heat. This is important for anyone looking to improve the health of their scalp and hair. This includes being in the shower. Especially when shampooing your hair, it is ideal to keep the water temperature lukewarm, or as cool as possible while still being comfortable for you.
  8. Dry your hair gently. Remember that your hair is also most susceptible to damage when it is wet, so do not be rough when you towel dry your hair. The best way is to either let it air dry, or to cover your head with the towel and gently pat your hair. Either of these options are so much better for your hair than the rough rubbing motion most of us do when towel drying our hair.

Whether looking for hair treatment options, getting your hair cut or styled in a way that suits your unique personality, or a variety of other services targeted at keeping your head of hair looking as lush and beautiful as possible- feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation!