08 / 23 / 17

Tips for Thinning Hair


A big misconception about thinning hair is that you should leave it alone as much as possible.  And it is understandable.  You want to avoid shampooing, combing and roughing it up too much because you are afraid it will fall out.

The truth is that it is beneficial to shampoo thinning hair once a day.  Shampooing not only energizes and increases blood flow to your scalp, but it also helps exfoliate pores and clears away dead and loosened skin particles.  So don’t be afraid to give your scalp a thorough massage with your fingertips while shampooing.  

Avoid shampoos that contain a lot of moisturizer as this clogs the pores you are working to keep healthy and open. 

Shampooing more will also help you reduce the amount of oil in your hair.  When hair gets too oily the strands tend to stick together and it is easier to see the spaces between hair.


When styling your hair after you get out of the shower, using a blow dryer helps to make your hair look more voluminous and lush.

Take the time to pick a quality styling product unique to your needs.  It is well worth it.  Avoid creams and heavy products that make your hair look too waxy.  The lighter the better.  Lean towards products like pomade or paste with a matte finish.

Make sure to use a wide-tooth comb if you have wavy hair, or a brush with smoothly rounded tips for straight hair.  Avoid fine-tooth combs and brushes with coarse bristles.

If you really want to go the extra mile, after shampooing you can work in a dab of leave-in conditioner that is specifically suited for thinning hair.  Then while blow drying use either a texturizing or mineralizing spray.  This will give you the thickness and density of the “beach look” as it has the effect of salt water.

Eating Healthy

The condition of your hair is largely a product of the overall health of your body and lifestyle.  Try your best to eat foods that are rich in iron.  This includes spinach, beans and kale.  These are also all great sources of biotin and zinc which work to promote healthy hair growth.

Biotin can be found in other foods such as eggs, salmon, lentils and cauliflower.  So try your best to fit some of these sources into your daily diet.

Protein is extremely important for growing thick hair.  Make sure to eat plenty of eggs, nuts, whole grains, chicken and lean red meats.

Research has also shown that limiting your intake of coffee, alcohol, tobacco and refined foods will greatly help keep your hair in the healthiest condition possible.

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