There are many ways for men to address their thinning hair. Increasingly, the male hair system is among the most popular. There are many benefits to men’s hair systems, and here at Images of Princeton, we are happy to offer custom systems to meet each client’s particular needs.

How do hair systems for men work exactly? We begin by evaluating your scalp and taking an impression of the head, ensuring a system that fits snugly and comfortably. A super-thin, skin-like membrane is made. Into that membrane, thousands of individual human hairs are injected. The hair system is adhered to the scalp, and the hair is cut, and styled however you want it. The options for customization are endless. You can truly find a hair system to provide any look and any style.

That level of customization is just one of the reasons why men like this approach. It’s also completely comfortable; it doesn’t take long before you forget that you’re even wearing a hair system. The results look completely natural. There is minimal maintenance required, and no surgical intervention.

Not all men’s hair systems are the same, of course, so we invite you to come talk with us about your particular hair restoration goals.