If you’ve never been to a professional hair loss studio, then you haven’t seen what extensions can do. Our stylists work magic that can blow the most talented wedding stylist out of the water. The Images of Princeton team works with an array of the highest quality human-hair and synthetic extensions on the market. Our extensions are designed specifically to hide hair loss and give you styling options, complete security, and unbeatable comfort.

Unless someone you know has experienced women’s hair loss, you’ve probably never thought of extensions as anything more than an optional accessory. When your hair starts to thin, your normal stylist might suggest adding fashion extensions to fill out your hair. They can work for a while, but these run-of-the-mill extensions start to wear thin. Even worse, they can actually cause more damage to your hair. Fortunately, the greatest minds in the world of hair have created incredible extensions specifically for women’s hair loss. In the hands of trained hair-loss specialists, these premium extensions can work wonders for women of all ages. Images of Princeton gives you access to three unique lines of exclusive hair extensions.