How to Care for Curly Hair (Part 1)
04 / 01 / 21

How to Care for Curly Hair (Part 1)

Washing Curly Hair

When focusing on hair regrowth, a common verified tactic is to wash your hair frequently because it stimulates blood flow to your scalp and cleans out clogged follicles, which can both lead to hair growth.

While this is true, curly hair is a little different because it becomes dry very easily. Excessively shampooing curly hair can rid your hair of its natural moisture, and thus cause it to appear thin and dry rather than full, moist and voluminous.

However, it is still very important to shampoo regularly as it rids your hair of dead skin cells, dirt and dust that accumulate on your scalp. So experiment to find a frequency that works for your unique type of hair, yet with curly hair make sure to avoid excessive shampooing and use a conditioner that has moisturizing benefits.

Lastly, another way to prevent dryness is to avoid using heating instruments on your hair. While it is tempting to use heat inducing straighteners and the like, it can be extremely damaging for your hair especially if you have curly hair that you should be moisturizing as much as possible. There are a wide selection of pomades, creams, and leave-in conditioners that will both enable you to style your hair exactly how you want, and will ensure your hair is retaining the moisture it deserves.