08 / 09 / 17

Easy Tips for Women Fighting Hair Loss

Stay away from styles that pull on your hair

Tight hairbands, tight ponytails, braids, avoid styles that pull on your hairline.  These styles cause stress and tug the delicate hairs leading to thinning and even loss.  If you really enjoy putting your hair in a ponytail either for style or practicality, be sure to use elastic ties that do not have metal.  This will help you avoid tangling and pulling out small strands of hair when removing your ponytail.

Shower & post-shower

Use hair products that are formulated for restoring hair growth in women.  As this is a huge concern for a high percentage of women, several companies now have a line of hair products with this specific aim.  Secondly, work a gentle scalp massage into your shower routine.  Move your fingertips in a slow circular motion around your entire scalp.  This reduces stress and increases hair growth by improving the circulation of blood flow.  Lastly, post shower you will want to avoid tools that use heat.  They cause bonds within the structure of your hair to fracture, causing brittleness, weakness and thinning.  Also remember that if you hear a sizzling sound, the setting is too high and you are burning your hair!  Let your hair dry on its own as often as possible.


As you may know, stress is the one of the leading combatants to healthy hair.  So one of the easiest things you can do is take the time to listen to yourself and take a step back when you are getting too wound up.  Hobbies and habits such as reading, meditation, eating well, exercising and yoga have all been proven to reduce stress.  Take time out of your day to be engaged in an activity you genuinely enjoy, one that takes you away from the stress of your daily duties.  But most of all, pay attention to how you feel.  The health of your hair is often a reflection of your inner well being.

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