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Want to resolve partial or complete baldness? Permagraft is the 100% custom way to restore real hair with fullness and a completely natural hairline. We match your hair’s natural spacing and density with this undetectable, completely secure, noninvasive hair graft system.

Are you sick of worrying about balding? Are you ready for instant, guaranteed results? If you want undetectable, extremely custom results without surgery, Permagraft might be a good option for you. It’s an extremely versatile non-surgical graft that makes an impact at every stage of hair loss. There’s no pain, no down time, and the results are completely secure. Permagraft lets you restore your hair to fullness and get on with your life. 

What do you need from your hair?

If you’re skeptical about options for managing hair loss, you’re probably concerned that you won’t get what you need. Permagraft delivers many of the benefits of surgical hair restoration without the cost or scarring. You get a totally natural hairline. 

You supply the vision. 

With Permagraft at Images of Princeton, amazingly natural hair is within your reach. Our certified consultants and stylists have the skill, experience, and advanced training to give you exactly the look you want. The only thing missing is your vision for your new hair. 

Why Permagraft?

A Permagraft non-surgical graft works for any type and stage of hair loss. This process gives men the option of precision grafts without having to undergo surgery. The result is a more affordable solution that delivers more benefits than surgical implants. Better yet, there’s never a scar!

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  • You guys are the reason I look forward to my appointments. You make it possible to laugh instead of cry when I look in the mirror. Thanks!

    -Edie K.

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