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When it comes to your hair, prevention is priceless. Images of Princeton’s line of professional solutions takes hair-loss prevention to a whole new level. Exclusive in the Princeton area, Image of Princeton is a certified Head First hair renewal center, offering Capilia products that are environmentally safe and effectively fortify the hair and scalp, block DHT, stimulate blood flow and encourage new growth. Thanks to our take-home options, you can do more to fight miniaturization and retain your hair every single day.

Not sure if you actually have a hair-loss problem? Want to head-off genetics by being proactive? Our men’s hair loss prevention program helps you cover all your bases and avoid hair loss before it happens. Even if you’ve already started thinning, hair loss prevention can help you keep more of your hair longer. It can mean the difference between taking control over your hair loss or letting genetics decide what happens with your hair.

Hair Loss Prevention is for everyone.

At Images of Princeton, there’s no better result we can achieve than preventing hair loss in the first place. Our goal is to get you excited about your hair again, and to keep you looking fantastic. For guys who start prevention early, a personalized hairloss prevention program can delay hair loss for years or even decades. Via a microscopic camera, your Head First specialist can show you the condition of your scalp and hair follicles. While some conditions that lead to hair loss are obvious, such as flaky or oily scalps, some conditions are not. A free consultation with our Head First specialist is all it takes to understand your scalp condition and then a correction prodigal can be recommended.

Hair Loss Prevention is a way of life.

There’s plenty you can do on your own to keep your hair healthy and growing. These include monitoring your nutrition and managing anxiety and stress. We bring you full circle by providing ways to take advantage of every opportunity you have to prevent hair loss. At Images of Princeton, you’ll find products and resources to help you. Specifically, we can help you:

• Set realistic expectations for your hair
• Get a good look at your scalp and hair follicles with our microscopic analysis
• Enhance and fortify your existing hair
• Head First Capilia products are customized to your specific needs
• Cleanse and heal scalp conditions
• Promoting new growth by stimulating blood flow and nutrients to your hair follicles
• Augment results of Head First by combining with Laser Hair Therapy

What can prevention do for you?

When you’re ready to take control over your current or impending hair loss, just schedule a free consultation at Images of Princeton. We’ll give you straight talk, honest answers, and options that will really work for you – the first time.

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Images of Princeton is now a certified Head First hair renewal center, offering Capilia products and trichology program. Using only products that are 100% natural, biochemical and biodegradable, Head First process can be used on all hair and skin types.

The first step to hair loss prevention is Head First. A healthy scalp produces healthy hair.

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Head First Product Lineup

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