10 / 10 / 17

Women - Ways You May Be Damaging Your Hair


Flat Iron and Blow Drying

Blow drying and ironing is fine every once in a while, but if done on a consistent weekly basis can lead to thin, damaged hair.  Too much heat causes changes in the molecular structure of your hair, and loosens the hydrogen bonds that hold strands of hair together.  This can create a dull, lifeless look.  If you straighten your hair one or two times a month when you go out to a big event, that is totally fine and you will experience no breakage.  However, if you have the habit of straightening two to three times a week, you should seriously consider a new routine.

Ponytails and Braids

Ponytails and braids can cause tension, stretch hair, and cause breakage, especially if your style is pulled tightly.  Again, it is more than okay in moderation, but if this is your everyday style, permanent damage can occur.  Also remember that wet hair is more fragile, so do your best to let it dry before braiding your hair or putting it into a ponytail.


Bleach seeps into the cuticle and permeates it with chemicals that extract the natural pigment of your hair.  When you bleach your hair, you are quite literally changing its structural makeup, which weakens its constitution and leaves it much more susceptible to damage.  While dye and highlights are not ideal, they are significantly healthier alternatives for your hair.  


It is an all too common misconception that brushing creates healthier hair and the more the merrier!  Unfortunately, over-brushing can be a major cause of split ends and overall breakage.  Excessive brushing causes consistent friction and tension that your hair is not built to handle.  Avoid cheap, sharp bristled brushes and be sure to brush delicately with care.

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