How to Care for Curly Hair (Part 2)
05 / 04 / 21

What You Gain Through Hair Loss

The language we use revolving around our hair is a major aspect of how we feel.

Maybe we can reframe hair “loss”, in order to focus more on what we gain from this experience.

So… what do we gain?

1. Self Care

One of the most important parts of growing as a person is properly caring for ourselves in a healthy way. By putting genuine thought into our hair care regimen, and a personalized hair treatment plan, we are actively developing a healthy relationship with ourselves and learning to put deliberate thought into our daily habits of how we treat our body.

2. Self-Confidence

We all know how humbling losing our hair can be, but the good news is that we can use this experience to get in touch with our true confidence at a deeper level than what we see on the surface. We can do this by asking ourselves questions such as: what makes me unique? What are my greatest skills and talents? How can I put more of myself into my work? How can I dress, style my hair, etc. in a way that reflects the uniqueness of who I am?

3. Strength

There is no sugar coating it: hair loss is tough. It grates on us, it affects our self esteem. However, like all difficulties in life, going through this experience will ultimately make us stronger people with more resilience. If handled in a healthy, proactive way, it will make us more armed and equipped to conquer future obstacles that will inevitably come our way.

So, while it is totally acceptable and normal to feel bad about hair loss, remember how empowering it can be to flip the whole thing on its head and ask yourself: what am I gaining from this? How can I frame this experience in a way that helps me continue to grow?

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