01 / 10 / 18

Tips For Caring for Your Wig


  1. Take off your wig before sleeping. Sleeping with your wig will create knots and tangles and lead to breakage. Tossing, turning, and the pressure put on your wig will not only tear it but make it much harder to maintain a smooth, healthy, stylish appearance.
  2. Wash your wig regularly. It is not necessary to wash your wig as frequently as you would wash your own hair, but you should aim for a wash every ten to fifteen wears, as your wig will accumulate sweat and grease over time. If you are extremely physically active and tend to sweat a lot in your wig, you should consider washing it more often.
  3. Untangle your wig before washing it with a wide-tooth comb. Not doing so will cause damage and many unnecessary, easily avoidable tangles. Untangle it gently and with care, not tearing or pulling on the fibers.
  4. Shampoo your wig in cold water. Fill your sink with cool water and a dollop of shampoo. Hold your wig in the water and gently move it around, carefully massaging in the shampoo.
  5. After shampooing, carefully kneed in a cap full of conditioner. Move your wig under running water in order to evenly distribute the conditioner and then rinse it out tenderly. To dry, place your wig inside of a towel and pat it gently, never squeezing or aggressively rubbing. Hang your wig on a wig hanger to air dry.

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