Having a Hair Loss Confidant
05 / 16 / 18

Having a Hair Loss Confidant

Your journey with hair loss can be frightening, frustrating, and everything in between.      

And this is why you should not go at it alone.  

Whether it is a friend, a family member, or your significant other, it is important to have a hair loss partner.  It is cathartic and beneficial for your health to confide in someone who you trust and are close with.

Telling someone how you feel and what you are going through works wonders for your mental-emotional well being and self esteem.  You may be surprised how much worry is lifted just by giving vent to what you are going through.  

Not only does this have obvious psychological benefits, but it has practical benefits as well.  When you share, you have another person on your team who can offer consolation, practical advice and who can be on the lookout for potential treatments. 

You may also want to speak with a person who has experienced hair loss themselves; especially someone who is comfortable in their own skin and projects an authentic air of confidence. 

As with all circumstances that are difficult to deal with, nothing beats having someone by your side. 

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