Emotional Health for Hair Loss
05 / 02 / 18

Emotional Health for Hair Loss

When dealing with hair loss, while most remedies are focused on physical health, it is of equal importance to properly maintain your psychological health.  

When first discovering initial signs of hair loss, most people report an overwhelming blow to their confidence.  This is often categorized by feelings of loss, of incompleteness, of not feeling full, of not feeling “good enough”.  In order to hold a winning attitude in your fight against hair loss, the toll of these psychological symptoms should be dealt with in a healthy way.

It is of paramount importance to get in touch with your confidence, with your sense of self-empowerment.  Do things that make you feel good; things that embolden you and make you proud of who you are.  Get in touch with your individuality, with your unique sense of fashion and style, and wear clothes that make you feel authentic and confident.

The better you feel about yourself, the better you will feel about your hair.  This will also translate into how enthusiastically and proactively you go about searching for the proper types of treatment to fit your individual needs.

Lastly, it is important to have compassion for yourself and what you are going through.  Self love is a major key in dealing with hair loss. Make sure you are well primed to deal with your inner needs, and do whatever you have to do to show up to your day as the best version of yourself. 

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