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It’s time to face the facts. You're not happy with your hair. Maybe all you need is a professional scalp treatment or a new hair style, color and cut. Maybe your hair is getting thinner; it’s shedding; it’s not just a temporary thing. You’re losing more hair every day, and you’re legitimately worried about balding. If only you could talk to someone who understands – someone who knows what it’s like

If this sounds like you, and you’re in the tri-state area, you have access to a hair clinic you can trust. Images of Princeton Hair Restoration is a very private, pressure-free environment where you can figure out how to deal with your problem hair, why you’re losing your hair and what you can do about it.

Private, Casual & Straightforward

Losing your hair is devastating. No matter what you do – talk about it, accept it, hide it, or shave your head – hair loss has the power to make you distracted, anxious, desperate, or just downright angry. Some people say it’s not a big deal, but most men and women with thinning hair never stop thinking about it. At Images of Princeton Hair Restoration in NJ, we help men and women take control over hairloss. Our discreet hair studios are a place where you’ll find real answers and options that inspire action. Each member of our consulting team has gone through hair loss and knows firsthand how hard it is to find a solution. We keep things casual and friendly, and we stick to the facts to find the option that fits how you want to deal with your hair. Stop feeling stuck with your hair loss. Schedule a free professional consultation at Images of Princeton today.

Women's Solutions

Women's Solutions

Different hair loss conditions require different hair restoration solutions. Images of Princeton Hair Restoration in NJ offers an array of individual solutions to meet each woman's individual hair loss condition.

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Men's Solutions

Men's Solutions

Hair loss happens for many different reasons and comes at many different stages of life. Images of Princeton Hair Restoration in NJ offers many solutions to meet each man's unique hair loss condition.

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Hair Salon Services

Hair Salon Services

Whether you have a hair loss problem or just looking for that exciting new hair style, cut and color, get top-notch hair salon services from our professional and creative staff in Hamilton NJ.

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Images of Princeton has been serving the tri-state area with proven hair loss solutions for 25 years. As hair-loss sufferers themselves, each member of our team has seen both sides of the hair-restoration equation. Our solutions are supported by data and 100% customized for each and every client.

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  • Thank you so much for such a wonderful job on my hair. It’s nice to have such a great group of people to get to know during an otherwise unpleasant time. Now I can go out in public with more confidence!

    -Ben W.

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  • What To Expect During Your First Consultation

    Privacy and confidentially: Two concepts that are very important to us – because we’ve been there. Be assured that every visit to Images of Princeton, including your initial consultation, will be handled in the strictest of confidence; right down to the room it takes place in.

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